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for president obama or did republicans get anything out of this? >> it's -- for now, it's all big win for president obama. republicans hope that in the next couple months when they're negotiating the debt ceiling, the other deals ahead, that's when they will get their pound of flesh. hard to see. the place this hurts the president is in his second term agenda now there's all this fiscal overhang. the president last night saying get rest, we have a lot to of work do in 2013, this overhang will make it difficult to do guns, all the things he was outlining on sunday with david gregory, now the system is full, and it will be hard to do those. >> we'll see you a bit on "morning joe". >> have a lucky 2013. >>> the markets have been keeping close tabs on the action in washington. the last-minute deal on the fiscal chief, is it enough to calm concerns on wall street and beyond around the world? the man with the answer, steve sedgwick is live with us now in london. steve? >> very good day to you. these markets had been on the back foot. we had fallen for five straight sessions before hopes for
, to get them done in the second term. a lot of bad blood there between obama and the republicans but also some bad blood there between obama and the democrats. not a lot of -- i think not a lot of improvement obama has shown over he's last weeks in terms of his relationship with congress. i think that's something he certainly needs to work on if he's looking at legacy, if he's looking at these big ticket items to push them through in his second term. in a couple of months we'll have these big debates around the debt limit but quickly once 2014 comes around, we're going to be thinking about the mid terms and a lot of his political capital will be gone by then. >> it's interesting, chris, everyone to a person on capitol hill said biden did this, biden did this. a lot of republicans said we wish biden got involved earlier. another guy who worked a lot on this, mitch mcconnell. >> mitch mcconnell chose to be a quiet statesman. you didn't see him on camera. he didn't meet face to face with joe biden. but he's the reason we have this agreement. >> do you agree with that? >> here what's i'll say
president obama told house republicans they should vote now on hurricane sandy aid, quote, without delay. this has new york lawmakers chastised house republicans for deciding to put the vote off for a few months. people in the region are still trying to recover with the worst winter months still ahead. the senate approved a $60 billion measure friday while a house committee drafted a bill about half that size. >>> students from sandy hook elementary got a sneak peek at the campus where they will go back to school tomorrow. an open house was held this morning at a school in nearby monroe. they have refurbished it and making the classrooms look just like those in sandy hooks. they brought in desks and backpacks to make the kids feel at home. >> prince william had to go away from his family for. she is back in the picture of courage. first time on tv since bei >>> while most of world celebrated the arrival of the new year the prince will yamd serve as a rescue pilot. his unit got call 15 minutes into the new year to help find a man that was swept to sea while walking his dog on a pier in en
. i think that president obama cannot say they will not negotiate. house republicans want spending cuts, but what's to stop them from asking? what's to stop them from asking for raising the medicare rate? all these things obama put on the table. as we saw, they will go up to the edge and they have no qualms about it. we downgraded for the first time in the nation's history. i'm with you. i think it will be the hot topic and i will be followed by government funding fight within the next month. we are at the beginning of the beginning of tumultuous times. the thing about this one, it could tarng the global economy. >> i want to bring in the assistant managing editor at "time" magazine. i guess picking up on that, that seems to be the real question. what happens when you get to the negotiations over the cent ceiling and beyond that. look at the debt ceiling. republicans will be looking for serious changes whether it's raising the medicare age or something else. they will have the leverage of saying we are ready to force a catastrophic default here. seems we can't judge. the stakes in
republican, voted against. a short time later, president obama stepped before the press. at his side, vice president joe biden. biden was instrumental in getting both sides to compromise. >> thanks to the votes of democrats and republicans in congress, i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2% of americans while preventing a middle-class tax hike that could have sent the economy back into recession and obviously could have had a severe impact on families all across america. >> the deadline that congress imposed on itself had already passed, but it did not cause any real harm because important ro financial markets remained closed on new year's day. automatic tax increases could have pushed u.s. back into economic recession -- pushed the u.s. back into economic recession. tax rates will go up for only those earning over $400,000. in herington is -- inheritances over $5 million will also be heavily taxed. president obama immediately left washington to rejoin his family in hawaii, but the next battle is already in view. in the next two months, congress will need to raise the deb
obama was senate republicans, has passed the house. conservatives figured they have to go along or get blamed for taking us off the cliff and keeping us there. first, they fought back. it was a struggle between speaker john boehner and more conservative republicans like paul ryan and eric cantor, the house republican leader who walked with the speaker but this afternoon, opposed the fiscal cliff deal that speaker boehner tonight would allow to pass the house. >> the senate passed it this morning, 89-8. mcgrath republicans cooperating. to reverse the house tax hikes on 98 percent of americans that took effect at the midnight fiscal cliff, but leaving it in the place tax hikes on the wealthy, income over $400,000 and postponed the spending cuts. democrats pushed for house approval. >> the issue of an up or down vote should not be questioned. >> house republicans' battle. cantor demanding budget cuts be added to the bill. >> we are serious about cutting spending, though there are not. >> we are going to see where we are then vote. >> the moderates wob -- won. house passage all but assured
at what he had to say. >> no republican voted for tax increase. what happened was obama had the dam cleez over the people with the tax increase over the next decade that would happen automatically. the republicans are quite clear. they want the tax cuts extended for everyone. the president insisted on taking them away from some people. that'll hurt the economy. he got his tax increase, but he can't claim republican fingerprints on his tax increase. >> well, wait a second. i mean, we're not living in the alice in wonderland world here. there is a tax increase for wealthier americans. it's literally a tax increase. >> well, first of all -- >> rates are up. >> what happened yesterday was all the tax rates went up and then the republicans and congress together took them down for some people, not for everybody. >> steven, does that pass the smell test? if i were to run against a republican who voted for whatever it is they just voted on and i said in 2014 my opponent voted for a tax increase, would i not be literally correct? >> you know, there are a lot of conservatives that are grousing toda
. >>> president obama picks up where he left off in hawaii today after a late-night thank you at the white house to both sides for what they did accomplish. >> thanks to the votes of democrats and republicans in congress. i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2% of americans. >>> on wall street, stocks surge in reaction to the short-term deal, but house republicans have only just begun to fight. >> we also need to address the fundamental causes of our debts and deficits, and that's out of control spending. >> i think it's a little unreasonable for senator reid to say that something that they produced on new year's eve, produced by a bunch of sleep-deprived dock gentlem ed e should adopt within 24 hours. >>> the president tries to draw a line in the sign on the debt battles still to come. >> while i will negotiate over many things, i will not have another debate with this congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they have already racked up. >>> plus, hillary watch, just a short time ago, an suv carrying former president bill clinton left from an underground gara
issa is against and camp is in favor. obama has succeeded in splitting the republicans. weakening them and now this has to pass the house with democratic support which shows that republicans have lost control of the house which was otherwise a blocking agent. obama has had a political success on top of a substantive success. >> bret: sandy levin, congressman from michigan continuing to call democrats up for this debate on the senate piece of legislation. we'll go through exactly what is inside that on the the other side of the break as we continue with our panel and continue coverage of this historic night. a vote in the house of representatives to try to avoid all of the things that come along with the fiscal cliff that the u.s. has already gone over. >> but this is a bill which -- [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. i'm bret bai
. that alone has prompted the obama administration say, well, republicans don't want to protect us. how are you going to answer the predictable criticism that you're not looking out for folks, you are looking out for business interests? >> well, we are. we are saying in health emergency, of course. any sensible policymaker would say you have to be able to address those. but right now, the pendulum has swung so ar that it's very difficult to even conceive starti up your business. and we want that to occur again. much less allowing for those who are operating businesses to keep the lights on and grow. you know, you look at the last three years. we have seen a 23% decline in the number of business startups. in america, we are a starter country and we want to see it happen again. neil: he was ronald reagan's top money guy. why he says capitalism is in trouble these days and it's the governmes fault. by the way, republicans as well. we have david stockman acts. and suzanne somers on lala land going gaga over president obama. but next, ralph nader has had enough. he says that both partiein washington
extend the republicans demanded no offset on that. ever since obama has been president, when they have extended unemployment insurance or done anything like that, the republicans have said what is the offset? and to have gotten this without any offset with the republicans just saying okay. we're going to let this $30 billion go that's a very remarkable thing. my second point is a process point, but the idea that this passed the senate 89-8 with 40 of 45 republicans agreeing to a plan they knew had six points of democratic victory. i think barack obama is a little bit better negotiator that people on the left give him credit for. >> jennifer: i totally agree with you. and it is important that the president work with this congress that is going to be taking over in a couple of days. because then the relationship could have been completely poisoned. >> it would have been completely poisoned and the stock market would have dropped today. it would have been bad news all the way around. and he is the president, governor. this is the thing. people look to him for leade
. >>guest: they do. obama said that the other night with the pep rally when he said if republicans think this is the last of the revenue measures they have another thing coming. this is obama who said he was not going to raise taxes on anyone making under $200,000. he now has raised taxes on 80 percent of the american public. >>neil: you are talking about the payroll tax, holiday expiring. >>guest: that counts. >>neil: people out what we are liking to see. obviously we have a lot more will to spend than anything else but so pay for that you have to get more money proposed. >>guest: right, but what will happen ironically and now republicans are complicity in this, we are actually going to see revenue for that upper income tax bracket go down. when you raise taxes on an segment of income, the tax revenue constricts. reagan showed us when you lower it, even significantly, you will see a significant increase in what the government gets back. we are headed in an implausible direction where tax revenue will be constricted and government spending is continuing and growing. so, what we are reall
by president obama with senate republicans has passed the house. where conservatives figured they had to go along or get blamed for taking us off the cliff and keeping us there. but first, they fought back. it was a struggle between speaker john boehner and more conservative republicans like paul ryan, and the house republican leader who walked with the speaker but this morning opposed the fiscal cliff deal that boehner tonight would allow to pass the house. >> it is passed. >> reporter: the senate passed it this morning 89-8. democrats and republicans cooperating to. reverse the tax hikes on 98% of americans that took effect at the midnight fiscal cliff. but leaving place a tax hike on the wealthy. incomes over $400,000. and postponed deep spending cuts. democrats pushed for house approval. >> the issue of whether we have an up or down vote shouldn't be a question. >> reporter: house republicans battled. the faction demanding budget cuts be added to the bill. >> and the senate and how that we are serious about cutting spending. though they're not. >> reporter: time to count heads. >> yeah
the republicans have a big problem here. barack obama and the democrats fought the election on this issue and they won and then they did what they said they were going to do and they did it in a unified, coherent way, where they all delivered the same message. >> but you know what their argument is. their argument is the american people may have wanted tax toes go up on the rich but they also wanted spending cuts and that's what they didn't get. >> we're going to have another fight in a couple months. the democrats are unified -- the problem for the republicans is the democrats are unified and the republicans, all over the map. if you spent the last two weeks watching your show and every other show on cable tv, the republicans are everywhere. they don't have a consistent, coherent spokesperson delivering a consistent, coherent message and that's a problem for them. >> let's see if they're consistent tomorrow because the vote for house speak ser is up when the new congress convenes. take a listen. >> republicans weren't with him butt house was. 151 of us voted no. just like t.a.r.p., the v
imagine. >> for you, president obama, joe biden, and the economy are winners. hard-lined house republicans, rich people, the deficit are the losers. >> i'll start with the economy. i think really that's the most important winner here. we definitely would have gone into recession if we hadn't had some kind of a deal. i think that the rich, clearly, have been hit with a higher top tax rate, but as i said earlier, i would still like to see investment income tax much higher than it is. i think it's really unfair, particularly with the structural shifts in our economy that you can make so much money by having money in the bank while people who get up and go to work every day pay the highest tax rates. >> now to mr. sunday morning, i'm going to rename mr. metta. pok poker theorists and enthusiasts, americans hit by payroll tax, true believers in both parties and poor, old john boehner. >> a lot of gamesmanship in washington and that's attracting a lot of attention, but i think the outcomes are people are not as well understood in that. that's sort of the poker part of it. i think what we have he
to 157. you have a clear majority of republicans voting for it. it was enough for president obama to declare a victory. >> thanks to the votes of democrats and republicans in congress i will raise the taxes for 2 percent of americans while preventing an american tax hike that could effect the economy in the recession. >> with that evidences gone. air force one could be on stand by to take the president back to finish up his vacation. in washington it is still something of a mess. as far as tax rates are concerned you can fill out 1040 relatively occurred tax race are going to be unchanged. 450,000 dollars and couples who make more than 450 will see the tax rates go up. as far as the automatic spending cuts it would have especially hit the pentagon those have been delayed for at least two months. so it's something that they are going to have to tackle again. the other big problem what it does to the deficit more than 4 trillion of added debt that had a -- had many republicans voting against it. >> that is going to be huge debate over raising the nation's debt ceiling the president
because obama won reelection. me being a conservative democrat, as republicans, what are you doing? you are playing with people's money. it does not get any deeper than that. understand you lost the election from a presidential standpoint, but in the end, we need to get money going, get the country going. we need truth job creation. republicans are so hellbent on punishing any state or the people or demographics of people who did not vote for mitt romney, they will do anything they can to punish anybody. this is a fiscal cliff. you are playing with people's money. for the true republicans, if you understand how i believe, and you need to get the party back in order. my being a conservative democrat, you lost my vote. you want to push ideology that does not work. the majority of the american people did not vote for it. wake up and worked for the people. you are playing with people's money. host: would you have voted for the fiscal cliff? caller: yes, i would. we need to get the people's money going. we need to keep the country going. if republicans don't understand that, they are going t
.s. president barack obama said he succeeded in increasing taxes for the rich in the face of protests from republicans. >> there is a path forward, that it is possible, if we focus not on our politics but what's right for the country. the one thing i think hopefully in the new year we'll focus on is seeing if we can put a package like this together with a little bit less drama, a little less brinksmanship, not scare the heck out of folks quite as much. >> obama suggested he would sign the bill, but he suggested lawmakers would need to revisit their discussions to bring down the federal deficit. >>> the efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff in the u.s. gave asian markets a boost. share prices gained ground in the first trading session of the year. the hong kong stock exchange saw many buy orders after it opened on wednesday. the key hang seng index closed 2.9% higher than it did on december 31st and even surpassed last year's high the benchmark index in south korea rose 1.7% from the 2012 closing. and the main index in singapore gained 1.1%. analysts tell nhk investors can be comparatively opti
on this night and regret it. >> in his comments last night, president obama warned republicans he planned to ask for more revenue as part of his promised deficit reduction measures. republicans said they are going to work hard for cuts to entitlement programs as any part of the agreement to raise the debt limit. on monday, the u.s. did exceed $16.4 trillion debt limit. tim gietner sent a letter saying the treasury department has to start kicking in extraordinary measures and those measures will run out february 28th. >> all right. thank you very much. >> so congress's action means the income tax for most will not go up but you will see another tax hike this year. >> sarah simmons is back with us now to explain that. >> hey, a lot of people might be confused. there is a tax we are talking about and that is the payroll tax. this is the amount that gets taken out of your check to go towards social security. for the past two years it was reduced to 4.2% in order to give you a break. the fiscal cliff bill passed last night did not include an extension of the payroll tax cut so now the rate goes back
for bailing on sandy aid and he is not the only republican. as the gop cracks up, president obama is focused on the future. he's talking big about the second term today. plus, governor ultrasound rings in the new year by quietly going after abortion clinic. don't worry, governor mcdonald, we've got you next. [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it with best-in-class combined mpg, not to mention more interior room than corolla and civic, and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation, and other handy stuff? ♪ yeah. that would be cool. ♪ introducing the all-new nissan sentra. it's our most innovative sentra ever. nissan. innovation that excites. ♪ this single scoop of gain gives more freshness than a whole box of this other stuff... and that much freshness is gonna take some getting used to... [ sniffing ] ahh. mmm! [ male announcer ] yep, it's amazing what a single scoop of gain freshness can do. and now get even more gain at a new lower price! ♪ i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy... instead i got heartburn. [ h
. >> president obama praised lawmakers to for reaching an agreement. >> thanks to those of republicans and democrats i will signed a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2 percent of americans. >> middle-class americans will still take a financial hit in 2013. they will not pay higher income tax but they will have to pay at least 2% more in payroll taxes. that means most of the country's hundred 60 million workers will see smaller paychecks. i markemartha shade reporting. >> meanwhile near area lawmakers in both parties are angry after house members adjourned without holding a vote on aid for victims of superstar on sandy. >> the senate approved a $60.4 billion measure friday to help the recovery process. >> republican leaders said the deal on the fiscal cliff took so much time, they did not have any left to discuss the same deal. >> in bay area news contra costa county authorities are investigating whether a gunshot wound that killed a man in el sobrante was self- inflicted. >> the shooting happened around 530 last night and an apartment 4600 block of app lanm way in el sobrane. >>
-- a soft landing. last night republicans reluctantly passed the billaverting the fiscal disaster. >> president obama praised the deal and returned to his hawaiian vacation. >> reporter: they finally got it done. congress ended the long drama over the fiscal cliff with house republicans reluctantly passing the senate's bill. >> i will sign the law that lays the taxes on the final 2% of the americans and preventing a middle class tax hike that could have sent the country into recession. >> reporter: house republicans didn't want to raise taxes without cuts in government spending. >> there's no spending cuts. we are adding 4 billion dollars to the debt and we feel like that the senate bill failed miserablely. >> reporter: house republicans decided not to drag out the fight any longer and risk potentially taking the blame for massive tax hikes on every american worker. >> what's the alternative? allow 4 trillion dollars worth of tax hikes to hit the american people market uncertain? >> reporter: the bill shields people earning less than 400,000 a year from tax increases and extends u
have spent 12 years attacking the 2001/2003 bush tax cuts. they all voted against it. obama attacked it regularly. now they're out there helping to preserve about 84% of those tax cuts and making them permanent. the republicans and the taxpayers in this country have lived with a damocles sword over their head because the democrats so hated these tax cuts for the middle class and everybody else, that they made them temporary. and they ended several times. two years ago obama let it go out for another two years. now we're getting permanency for 98, 99% of americans with the bush tax cuts and obama's presidential campaign in 2012 changed his promise from 2008. 2008 he'd never raise any tax on anyone who earned less than $200,000. 2012 he said he wouldn't raise income taxes on anyone earning less than $200,000 this year, meaning 2013. he had only promised people he would protect the middle class from income taxes for 2013. what the republicans have won with this fight is permanent protection for most americans on those taxes. >> but the reason that a lot of these conservative tea party r
republicans. it's just a terrible, terrible example of leadership. but on the other side of it, barack obama has had this, you know, has been chasing members of the media and his own party down this rabbit trail for five years now. talking about bush tax cuts, bush tax cuts. you know, those tax increases that were passed last night will fund five days of government per year. five days of government. now the president actually has to be honest about medicare. he's going to have to be honest about medicaid. he's going to have to be honest about social security. i mean, nancy pelosi's always going to be disingenuous with her voters about these entitlement programs. how they're going to cripple the country over the next 20 years. but barack obama can't be that way anymore, can he? because his trump card has been taken off the table. >> he has to think about his legacy as president, and this is going to be it. one way or the other, for better or worse. even by the end of his presidency, this country will be on the trajectory which is sustainable which is going to mean higher economic growth, mean
that also had spendinggcutss this one ffils at thaa and faiis badly. president obama pprisedd agreement that protects the miidle class. thanks to the votes of democrats nd republicans in congress, i will sign a law that raises americans whiieepreventing a middle-class tax hike that could have sent the economy back into recession and obviously had severe impact on famiiies alllacross america. but middle class financial hht ii 20-13. they won't pay higher income taxes but hey will have tooppy at least two-percenttmore in payrollltaxxs. that means most of the country's 60 million workers will seeesmaller paycheeks this year..i'm martha shade reporting lawmakers were under a tight deadline to pass the fiscal cliff measure. a new congress will be sworn in tomorrow many marylanders are now trying to figure ouu how going on in tax advisor wee poke to says taxpayers should contact their preparers as soonnas find out how they'll be impacted by ll the in 20-122 (prioleauu "if a persso has what ttee call a loss carryovvr from capittl losses frommselling stock, th
that even president bush couldn't get passed. he only got it done for a decade. so president obama has permanently extended the bush tax cuts. so tonight republicans should be happy about that piece of it. the one piece they didn't get is the continuation of it for a sliver of americans. and some democrats are upset that that has happened today. >> in terms of revenue, it's not a huge amount of revenue. >> it's not a huge amount of revenue. well, you know, what is huge. as i recall some $600 billion over ten years. >> ten years. >> and it's also this principle that this is now codified into law and it's going to be very hard to change if they make an effort to change it. the other piece of this that's a win for republicans is that they're even having this larger skirmish over deficits and spending, which is a republican priority and the president is arguing on republican turf right now. >> right. a lot more to cover, dana, jessica, i appreciate it. we're going to be talking to you throughout this hour, as dan ashe was just reporting. do expect the vote to occur within this hour. stay t
, president obama thanked democrats and republicans and then he's off to hawaii to finish his vacation with his family. he's expected to stay there through the weekend. >>> hugo sa vchavez's health isd to be in a delicate state. his vice president madura says complications have emerged and his recovery is slow going. >>> in los angeles, a photographer was killed last night try a to go get a shot of justin bieber. police say the man snapped pictures of a sports car that he thought was the pop star's. he was struck and killed while crossing a freeway to return to his own car. in a statement, bieber said he was not in that sports car. >>> this time tomorrow morning will be the best time to look up in the sky and see the quadranted meteor shower. nasa says that's anywhere from 60 to 200 meters. it will flash across the sky. but the moon could interfere with some of the visibility. >>> we have to deal with commuting again on the first business day of the new year. karen maginnis with a look at the weather across the country. >> good morning. yeah, we were kind of testing out quadranted mete
to it democrats and republicans in progress, i will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2% of americans while preventing a middle class tax cuts. >> finally progress on the fiscal cliff showdown. president obama now on his way back to hawaii to resume his vacation with his family. good morning. it is 4:30. thank you for joining us. >> we are glad to have you with us on this wednesday and in this new year of 2013. let's check in with jackie. >> it will not be a bad day overall. starting out on the ugly side of things will improve as we progress especially into the afternoon. a bit of cloud cover. just a smidge fof a wintry mix. that will be short-lived. it will be out of here by late morning. temperature wise, not as bad -- not a bad start here. almost everybody above freezing. 32 at it as brick and frigid. 35 at dulles. 38 in washington. highs in the upper 30's and low 40's. we are going to head to traffic. >> good morning. it feels like money mining -- monday morning. no major problems around the region. maryland virginia, and the district. no road work on the beltway. no problems for
republicans. >> there is one group to blame for the continuedcome to a conc. >> president obama urged him to change his mind. following an afternoon meeting, he promised the have a vote on the relief package by january following an afternoon meeting, he promised the have a vote on the relief package by january 15. for the loudest complainers, that was enough. >> more changes in the last hour and under intense pressure, he has agreed to a vote that will come friday for $9 billion to the national flood insurance program with another on january 15 for the remaining $51 billion. >> and now your forecast. >> the lowest temperatures around the eastern united states, cold air. we are getting closer to the coldest part of the winter. lots of single-digit and below zero meetings. 8 in detroit to start the day, 10 in chicago. the low for the day in baltimore has been 32, that is the current temperature before midnight tonight. it is 36 at the inner harbor downtown, 32 at the airport. we have 35 in richly, 33 on the boardwalk at ocean city. the only thing to keep the temperature up as a thin blanket
, that was just five months ago. president obama last night warned republicans not to hold the government hostage over the debt ceiling again. >> we can't not pay bills that we've already incurred. if congress refuses to give the united states government the ability to pay these bills on time, the consequences for the entire global economy would be catastrophic, far worse than the impact of a fiscal cliff. >>reporter: now, the u.s. went over its debt limit of $16.4 trillion debt limit on monday. yesterday treasury secretary timothy geithner sent a letter to congress telling them that the treasury has begun to take extraordinary measures to keep paying its debts but warned that those measures will run out on february 28th. wisdom and sarah. >> all right, melany, thank you. >>> after days of dealing with fiscal cliff negotiations, president obama will return to hawaii to finish his vacation. the president left last night and the obamas began their annual end-of-the-year vacation back on december 21st, but the president, of course, forced to return to the white house last week for fiscal cliff tal
. >> welcome back, 1:32 in the east. president obama is urging house republicans to vote today on a 60 billion dollar bill that would provide aid for states hit hard by hurricane sandy. the republicans point out the bill includes more than just aid for storm victims. they say it includes items like 150 million dollars in funding for alaskan fisheries, 336 million dollars in amtrak expenses, and 2 million dollars to repair a room on one of the smithsonian buildings and that is just to name a few, so, they believe there's a reason for taking a closer look at the bill before voting on it. ♪ meanwhile a new gallup poll, is today looking at america's future and how americans feel about it. when asked if america's best years are ahead or behind, half of the citizens here said it looks downhill from here and their view of 2013 is particularly bleak. why? why are americans so down about the future now? you've got 50% believing our best days are behind us. joining us is kirsten power, columnist for the daily beast, and chris plant, radio host of the chris plant show. a happy way to start the new year
republican support. >> charles, what about that? president obama was campaigning on a tax increase on those making above $250,000. we heard that over and over again. as ross said, some liberals are up in arms what this means that shows that the president can be pushed around? >> i think to categorize that as any sort of cave or massive sort of cave is a little bit off. you know, there are a lot of democrats who were not necessarily comfortable with the 250 threshold. a lot of democrats, particularly those who live in urban areas where people actually make a decent amount of money, they weren't necessarily stuck on the 250 as the president may have said that he was. so when he was able -- when he was willing to move that -- the goal post from 250 to 400 and democrats were able to fall in line behind that, i think that that is just a kind of political reality both on the left and the right. so i think that that is actually where people generally wanted to be anyway, a little bit higher than 250. but i do believe that what we're seeing is a collapse of the republican party's ability to be the
as a partner to be had with senate republicans on these negotiations because as you know, president obama was in the senate but he wasn't there very long and so that's something certainly that vice president biden has as an advantage over him, but really an advantage to the president since he was the proxy in these negotiations. >> christine that was part of the argument back in 2008 to put joe biden on the ticket, that he would be the liaison with capitol hill and he's been called for a couple of years the closer. >> he's going to need to close some more deals or someone will need to close more deals in the days and months ahead. we have more deadlines here. you have an automatic federal spending cuts pushed off for two months, you have a continuing budget resolution which has to be handled by the end of march and then you have the debt ceiling negotiations so you're seeing a congress here that needs some real closers and real leadership to try to figure out how to get over these very, very big important fiscal challenges ahead. you've heard a lot of people say we're out of this era of t
of the situation. president obama didn't get everything he wanted. some things that the republicans got. included technical piece on the alternative minimum tax, which is important as esoteric. the democrats used a lot of use and all of their leverage to get not much in return. 1.7% increase in revenue in ten years. no reforms. they think the tax debate went to their side, because i don't think that is the case. people want spending reform. so thank goodness we have something to talk about in february. >> eric: for 19 years, george w. bush has been vilified for the tax credit by the left. democrats said it's terrible, ruining the economy. 12 years later and president obama says we need the tax cuts. >> dana: this is a victory that the republicans could have tried to shape. they won a decade long discussion about the tax cuts. many senate democrats voted for this deal last night actually voted against the bush tax cut. because they said they were only for the rich. now, for 98% of americans, the bush tax cuts are permanent law. permanency is something that he sought early on but he couldn't get it
, what do you say? >> caller: yes of course it was the republicans fault -- >> bill: well in this case it is. >> caller: our greatest flip flopper of all time hussein obama has done it again -- >> bill: get out of here. i don't want to hear that kind of crap on new year's day. if anybody can deny that this was anybody but john boehner's and his group's fault. you idiot. ron good morning. >> caller: happy new year everyone. >> bill: happy new year. >> caller: i think it is an acceptable deal. >> caller: yeah, by the way, bernie sanders even voted for it. >> caller: there you go. the only problem is in two months we'll be faced with the same situation. yet i was thinking once it passed the senate by such an overwhelming margin, the speaker had to garner up enough republican votes to pass this bill. >> caller: john boehner had a much better deal from republicans that he walked away from, thank god he did. was president obama gave away the store about a month ago. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ every day presents another exciting issue. from financia
, and left republicans sharply divided. for president obama, the end-- for now-- of the washington budget drama, meant returning to hawaii today to resume his holiday vacation. but last night, before leaving, he welcomed house approval of the fiscal cliff bill. >> a central promise of my campaign for president was to change the tax code that was too skewed towards the wealthy at the expense of working middle- class americans. tonight, we've done that. >> reporter: the final vote in the house was 257 to 167 on a bill the senate had already approved, it capped days of intense negotiations. the provisions will affect nearly all taxpayers. for individuals making at least $400,000 and couples making $450,000-- income tax rates will go up-- from the current 35% to more than 39%. for that same group, dividend and capital gains taxes will also rise to 20%, from 15%. and all income groups get hit by the expiration of a payroll tax break. it's increasing two percentage points to 6.2% on the first $113,000 of income. ultimately, though, the vast majority of americans get to keep their bush-era incom
, happy new year. >> president obama got memo to wear the same tie there getting praise for his working with senate republicans vice president biden that,. the president saying leaders did the right thing passing legislation in the house tonight and in the senate early this morning to avoid the fiscal cliff. used phrases that he has used before saying that the deficit needs to be reduced in a way that is balanced saying he will not have another debate with this congress over paying u.s. bills up against the debt ceiling debate. republicans and mitch mcconnell working very closely with vice president biden signaled that that debate is coming. that very debate that the president said he will not have, again. let's bring in our panel for final thoughts. steve hays, amy stoddard and charles krauthammer. charles? >> i think the president laid down the marker. we have to increase investments which is democratic way of saying spending growth, bridges, are indeed education etc.. so it's clear he wants to increase spending he's willing to give a nod to a cut here and there but wants more spendin
with republicans until about the concerns. a lot of business leaders who are now with president obama coming to the white house, then going to meet with republicans on the hill trying to persuade them to do the reasonable thing. in the end they did. the question is, well they now like to hear pat st., were going to shut down the government cannot and pay our bills. gerri: wait a minute. i get there in a minute. i think you're going to see this rally in the stock market come crashing to a halt. it to you, i found this interesting from a grover. the bush tax cuts collapsed at midnight. every vote for the senate bill is cutting taxes and keeping his or her pledge. now, coming from grover i think this is just a little bit surprising. what do you say? >> i think we are overeating into this whole supposes split between republicans, the ones who voted yes in the once you voted no. they were dealt a bad hand, and there were a lot of different opinions among the members on how a play that. you end up with 150 planning one way and the rest plenty of weight. i don't think of a sudden their is a shift i
. prrsideet obama praised lawmakers for reaccing an &pagreement that prottcts tte middle class. thanks to the votes of democrats and republicans in &pcoogress, i will sign aalaw that raises taxes on the cllssstax hike thht could have recession and obvvously had a severe impact on families all america.merica. middle claas amerrians will still take a financcal hit n po pay higher income taxes... they will have to pay at least 2-percent more in payroll taxes. thaa means most of the coontry's 160 illion workers will see smaller paychecks thiss the house of reppeeentatives wrapppd up this session wwthout considering the legislation.... authorizing assistance for uperstorm sandy victtms. the senate had alrrady passed the 60-poinn-four-billion dollar easure... but because new laamakers will be sworr in tomorrow... the entire legislative process will have leaders ssy he fisccl cliff deal took tooomuch time. &p maryland leaders are peeting try to come up with wayy to keep marylanders safer.the maryland association of counties is focusing on emerggncy response during its
deal with a big rally, but there are signs release may not last long. some republicans were angered by president obama's remarks last night. >> we will not have another debate with this congress over whether or not they should be the bills that they have already rack up. >> if the president thinks he 'not going to negotiate, he better thing again. >> john boehner signaled a return to a hard line on spending by delays a vote on aid to the victims of hurricane sandy. several members of his own party immediately and loudly blasted him this afternoon, including new jersey governor chris christie. the speaker has now scheduled a vote for friday and a second vote on january 15th. >>> and the speaker has just responded to that criticism through a spokesman this evening. nbc news correspondent mike viqueira is nbc's washington bureau right now. mike, how much support does the speaker have right now to stay in that position? >> you know, jim, that's a great question. there's been a lot of speculation over the last couple days. after all that turmoil yesterday, where there was a back and fort
. president obama says he hopes congress can strike a deal with a little less drama. paula and john? >> don't count on it. >> let's hope so. round two of the spending cuts. what are the chances that republicans go along with raising the debt ceiling? i know they believe maybe they have a little leverage now? >> reporter: i feel like we've seen this movie before. republicans are going to have to vote for raising the debt ceiling. but they want deeper spending cuts and deficit reduction. and they'll probably get it. but it could be another ugly fight in two months. >> it's interesting that john boehner and paul ryan voted in favor yesterday, as well. interesting dynamic there. tahman bradley in washington. thank you, tahman. >>> and new york lawmakers are furious this morning after the house ditched a vote on billions of dollars of aide for victims of hurricane sandy. house gop leaders decided to wait for the new session of congress before taking the vote. new york republican peter king called it absolutely inexcusable. and democrat eliot engle says speaker john boehner should hang his head i
the conversation is at this point. the debt ceiling is something congress has to vote on unless president obama does something we have never seen before. >> and republicans as we read the bottom of the screen, they are vowing to use the debt ceiling as leverage. is that going to work? do they have that leverage? we spoke with adam schiff and he said everybody has a little bit of leverage and everybody has to give a little bit. >> depends on what you mean by work. work for who? is it going to work to hold up a process where maybe they get more spending cuts? perhaps they will get more spending cuts in that respect. will it work for the party brand nationally? i'm not sure it will. the brand has taken a big hit with the debt ceiling fight and this one. i'm not sure it can get much lower nationally. for those numbers, they are not at risk unless they voted for that measure last night and would be at risk more of a primary. they don't have to worry about national elections. that's not what their concern is. on the politics, i'm not sure it works for everybody, especially house republicans on whethe
! great stuff. we have more. >> the boehner. >> stephanie: sunday, he warned president obama he should not cast blame on republicans. no! why would he do that? for a possible failure. [ ♪ "world news tonight" ♪ ] because they've been so helpful in every way. as dana perino says, he's been the only adult in the room. >> i'm the only adult in the room. shut up. i hate you. >> stephanie: we've been reasonable and responsible. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: the president is the one who's never been able to get to yes. >> the president -- he has -- that's the problem. he is -- >> stephanie: that's why the andy borowitz headlines are the best. job of destroying congress is in their hands. mission of destroying the economy is in the capable hands of the u.s. congress. in an official statement congress's conduct o during the fiscal cliff showdown convinced terrorists they had been outdone. we had been working overtime to come up with ways to terrorize the american people. even we couldn't come up with something
deadline? the fact that i can't answer the question or say that president obama affirmatively wants to reduce the deficit, suggests he probably doesn't. >> bret: bill, i know you were a proponent of the republicans signing on to the current dole. talk about the next fight. take a listen to what the president said last night in reaction to it. >> while i will negotiate over many thingsly not have another debate with this congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that they have already racked up. through the laws they passed. >> i was disappointed in his demeanor and comment he made last night. wanting no fight over the debt ceiling. are you kidding me? >> republicans are ready for the fight. some of them. this is moody's investor service saying that will keep government on negative outlook because they don't see a forecast for deficit debt reduction in short-term. >> look, republicans should be ready to fight on debt ceiling. i don't think they should kid themselves as long as president obama is president. especially as well as while the democrats control the senate ther
. if the final house vote was 257 to 167, with 85 republicans joining democrats. the vote capped off weeks of back and forth between chambers. president obama praised the compromise, saying that he does not want a repeat of the bickering in future negotiations. >> the bill case and come taxes the same for everyone except individuals making $400,000 a year or more. it also delays automatic spending cuts in defense and government programs for two months. it extends long term unemployment benefits that were set to expire. the measure head to president obama, who has promised to sign it. he left immediately after commending on of the house vote, to rejoin his family in hawaii. >> our coverage of this fiscal cliff agreement will continue throughout the morning. essex 30 a.m. we will carry opening bell alive, as a big rally is expected after the deal. then at 6:45 a.m. kron 4 financial expert rob black will join us on said as we watched stocks on this first day of the trading week. and later in the morning at 8:45 a.m. kron4 political analyst michael e. jockey will join us in the studio. he will
. >> the deal lays the groundwork for future battles between democrats and republicans over decisions on federal spending and debt. obama told congress he expected them to approve an increase in the nation's borrowing authority in the coming months, as well as director attention to other issues that have fallen by the wayside during the fiscal cliff hanger. >> today's agreement enshrines the principle into law i think will remain in place as long as i'm president. the deficit needs to be reduced in a way that is balanced. everyone pays their fair share. everyone does their part. that is our our economy works best. we can settle this debate, or the very least, not allowed to be so all consuming all the time that it stops us from meeting up host of other challenges we face like reading jobs, boosting incomes, fixing our infrastructure, fixing our immigration system, protecting our planet from harmful effects of climate change, boosting domestic energy production, protecting our kids from the horrors of gun violence. >> the new year's day a vote to approve the fiscal cliff deal was a reversal for h
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